This is the current list of our members, including our consignors

Tobey Brennan - Pottery
Betty Clarke - Handpainted Clothing
Nancy Craemer - Shell Wreaths
Karen Crocker - Felted Animals
Sharyn Ekbergh - Jewelry
Elizabeth Embler - Fine Art and Stained Glass
Cathy Enos - Handbags
Carol Flax - Cut Paper Mosaics
Donna Helfen - Historical Peg Dolls
Denny Howard - Pottery
Richard Kaish - Bronze Designer
Pat Kelly - Pottery
June Kershaw - Silver Jewelry
Kathryn Kleekamp - Fine Art
Ann Lainhart - Quilting
Michael Magyar - Blown Glass
Gayle Niebaum - Fine Art and Decorative Painting
Nancy Prendergast - Sewing and Collage
Bryan Randa - Glass
Andrea Scofield - Watercolor
Ellen Scott - Fused Glass and PMC Jewelry
Nancy Simison - Fused Glass Jewelry
Lynn Stellrecht - Knitting
Tina Trites - Fine Art and Photography